We used to give our music away for about 10 years , but now our tunes are for sale at your favorite online music store , we need to generate funds in order to keep the wheel’s greased because we have a huge back log of tunes , we have yet to sell one download on the world wide web , why don’t you become the first ? support indie music, it rock’s !

our repertoire below

new tunes soon

Caveman – Glenn Talsky

Working Hard – Glenn Talsky

Styme 3:09 – Glenn Talsky / Dan Farrell – Publsihed by Make A Hit Song

She Said 3:51 – Glenn Talsky

Off in the distance 4:25 – Dan Farrell & Glenn Talsky

Drive 3:27 – Glenn Talsky

All my calls 3:48 – Glenn Talsky

Fans Demands 3:17 – Glenn Talsky

Seeing you 4:01 – Glenn Talsky

She don’t know 3:18 – Glenn Talsky

The fear 2:20 – Glenn Talsky

Recorded and Mixed at Tal-Sky Studios, Maple, Ontario
Produced by GlennTalsky
Songs 1 & 3 Mastered at Silverbirch Studios, Toronto
Songs 2, 4 & 5 and Puff The Magic Dragon Masterd at Punch Audio Studios, Toronto

All Rights Reserved
Copyright SOCAN / BMI

Guitar-Chris Clegg | Guitar & Vocals-Glenn Talsky | Bass & Vocals-Shawn Smith | Drums-Dave Perryman

Thanks to the following people who came to play:
Don Gaze, Russell Rowe, Craig Wadman, James Monroe, Vic Cassis, Brian Harris, Dave Marshall
Dan Farrell, Ralf Szafranski, Rick Gardner

Radio stations are welcome to download our music and share with their listeners


Later was recorded on chilton 12 input console

The tape recorder used was a fostex series E-8 1/4″ 8 track analog recorder

Studio Monitors were Tannoy model 6.5

Drums were vintage 60’s Gretch

Guitar amplifier used were Fender / Marshall / Gretch & Messa Boogie

1948 Hammond Organ BVC With a Leslie

Bass guitar was direct and a polytone bass amplifier

Later was mixed on a big neve

Effects were AMS Harmonizer and AMS Reverberation

Equalization used was NEVE, API, Pulltech & Lang

Later was mixed in Stereo to a Portable Panasonic D.A.T. Recorder

This Album was Engineered, Mixed and Produced by Glenn Talsky